Identification of samples in analysis automats


Upon insertion of racks with test tubes into the analysis automats, bar codes affixed to the tubes must be reliably and quickly identified. The reader must be suitable for high-resolution codes (165 µm) and cover a reading field height of at least 80 mm. At the same time, a high depth of field is required. The read result must be 100% reliable. A false reading is not permissible in this medical analysis field. The reliable transmission of the read data and their sequence must be ensured (output memory).


The BCL 8 bar code reader is used. This was designed with special requirements regarding resolution, reading field height and reading speed. Moreover, all certifications required in the area of analysis automation have been obtained.

사용 제품

  • 분야/영역

    Laboratory Automation (analysis automation)

  • 기능

    Bar code

  • 어플리케이션

    Identification of samples in analysis automats